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At New England Psychiatric Consultants we offer comprehensive adult psychiatric services for the Boston, South Shore, and Cape Cod area. We specialize in the latest of technological advances in psychiatric medicines and cutting edge therapies. Often, these therapies will provide hope and healing through life's most difficult circumstances. New England Psychiatric Consultants offers medication management, counseling, and the latest medical treatments available for a variety of mental health concerns, all in a private, outpatient setting.

We make it a top priority to alleviate symptoms and to help you develop the necessary tools to deal with life's inevitable challenges. A prime objective is to help improve and restore quality of life for our clients by providing traditional psychological therapy services for situations arising from chronic stress and relational issues as well as medication management for all mental health concerns.

At New England Psychiatric Consultants, we offer premiere, discreet, outpatient psychiatric services for people struggling with substance abuse, chemical dependency, or dual diagnoses. Asking for help is the bravest thing you will ever do. It's never easy, but it is the first step to recovery. Our doctors are licensed prescribers of suboxone & vivitrol injections for opioid addiction and chemical dependency. With your dedication and our support it will significantly increase your odds of a full and successful recovery. Contact our office to plan your recovery strategy now. Click here to find contact information

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